GB3UHF - a beacon for 70cms

The 70cms beacon GB3UHF located at the same site as GB3VHF, is in service and is installed in an 18U rack that it shares with GB3VHF. The two GB3UHF yagi antennas are installed between the existing two GB3VHF yagi antennas.

The hardware is similar in principle to that used for GB3VHF in that the frequency accuracy and timings are GPS referenced and the keying format is the same as that used for GB3VHF except that no phase reversals at the odd minute +30 secs will be sent.

The antennas use similar types of 3 element yagis (Amphenol Jaybeam 7040420 for GB3UHF) and point in the same directions ( 288 & 348 degrees) as those used at 144MHz and with a similar E.R.P.

The beacon operating on 432.430 MHz provides a very useful tool together with GB3VHF for determining propagation at both VHF and UHF over long distances from the same site with time co-ordinated JT65B and CW identification using FSK. It will be very interesting to observe the propagation conditions with direct comparson of signals received from the two beacons, and the RSGB PSC will be interested in anyone conducting long term measurements of both beacons simultaneously.

It is very much appreciated by all beacon users, of the work and time that BT Radio engineering staff and BT Wholesale staff have put into this project to ensure that the beacon became a reality - thanks to you all.

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